At RAVELCO, we believe no vehicle should be stolen!

Auto Thieves make stealing your vehicle a priority,

we make preventing it ours.

Planning your next road trip

or staying close to home?

Is being a victim of auto theft a risk you are willing to take?

When auto theft occurs, your life changes!

YOU lose, thieves win.

Pocatello tops idaho for highest car theft rate:

auto theft occurs throughout the Us!

no place is immune!

Secure your vehicle with RAVELCo. It simply works!


Unplanned expenses, inconvenience, stress, insurance hikes, loss of transportation (short or long term) risk of being stranded, unused reservations, ruined plans, police reports

…the list goes on.

Why risk it? You have an option!

Securing your vehicle with RAVELCO Vehicle Anti Theft Device is the answer!

What makes RAVELCO unique?

It PREVENTS theft of your vehicle.

RAVELCO has the record to prove it:

Over 5 million installations since 1976,

Not one vehicle taken by defeating the properly installed and utilized

RAVELCO anti-theft device.

All photography provided by  AMS



ALARMS are ignored, kill switches are easily detected and reconnected, RFID are hacked using a basic code grabber, clubs sawed through, brake locks axed…Don’t allow the preventable crime of auto theft to thwart your plans!

Computerized systems can be HACKED.


GPS and TRACKING SYSTEMS work….at locating your vehicle AFTER its been taken.

Within moments of leaving your possession, other crimes are committed.


Protection or identification?

RAVELCO supports law enforcement in their efforts to prevent auto theft. VIN ETCHING assists law enforcement in identifying your vehicle or parts of your vehicle WHEN or IF it is located and recovered after being taken! In most cases, it is not the reunion you hoped it would be. It is found trashed and contaminated by toxic chemicals and more. It is used in additional crimes.

RAVELCO Vehicle Anti Theft Device prevents theft…period!


Not always the reunion you hoped it would be…

COLD HARD FACTS OF RECOVERY: Within moments of your vehicle being taken, it will have been used in additional crimes (for which a precedent has been set in some states that may hold the OWNER liable rather than the culprit). If recovered, your vehicle will have been trashed, torched, contaminated with bodily excrement and deadly chemicals from drugs and drug paraphernalia.

In most cases, it is not the reunion you hoped it would be. It is found trashed, torched, vandalized, and contaminated by toxic chemicals and more.It is used in the commission of additional crimes.


High cost of auto theft….

HIGH COST: Not only will your individual insurance rates increase when a claim is filed, but collectively, we all pay! Even with full coverage, you won’t recoup all that’s been lost nor the full weight of the damages: lost time cannot be redeemed.

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